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Are prices negotiable?
Some timepieces can be negotiated. Please send an email our way for further discussion if you are interested in a specific timepiece.
How does payment work?
To make it secure for both parties, the payment will be done via an Escrow account from Escrow.com. Once you confirm the order of your timepiece, we will create an escrow account for you to store the payment. The funds will be held by Escrow.com until both the buyer and seller have fulfilled their contractual requirements. With this method, it will assist in protecting both parties.
How does shipping work?
After purchasing your timepiece, we will work hard to deliver the timepiece to you as soon as we receive the necessary details of your address. The shipment will be insured with the best options.
Do all the watches come with their original papers and box?
Unless stated otherwise, all the watches in the site will contain their original papers and box.